The average person would not be blown away by what we do. Because the average person understands basic needs. They can understand that a host needs great support to make sure the client feels at home. Courageous leadership always trying to improve the platform. Top-of-the-line software to make a server run smoothly without any errors. Caring staff supporting you through the best and the worst of times.
An average person would not be impressed by this until they realize that no other hosts offer what Zealous Host LLC offers.

With a support time of ~20m, Zealous answers your every need quickly, efficiently, and well. Whether it is plugin support, server errors or just advice; the staff members are at your disposal.
Need help with advertising? Done.
Need help configuring a plugin? Done.
Need help setting up a complicated plugin? Done.
We deliver.

Top-of-the-line hardware with the AMD Ryzen 9 5900x (US) Intel I9 10900kf (EU), DDR4 Ram, and NVMe SSD, your server is in good shape. Your server should never encounter any issues regarding performance because we dedicate ourselves to your servers' success. Your success is our success, and we will do anything to succeed. 

Our reasonable pricing allows people from all over, in any condition, to host a server successfully for a low amount. Plans ranging 4 GB of RAM to whatever number your head can think of, for a small 2.25$/GB.
1TBps DDoS Protection
24/7 Support 
1 Gbps Uplink 
*Unlimited Player Slots 
*Unlimited Disk Space 

Choosing us as your server provider now seems like the only rational thing to do. However, only one type of person will do it because -

Zealous Host LLC is The Champion's Choice.

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